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Asbestos Mine ventilation and heater house

was built with the neighbors in mind


TLT-Babcock Inc. needed to supply and install 2 fans pushing 700,000 cubic feet per minute into a deep mine shaft, owned by J.M Asbestos Inc., in Asbestos, Qc. The regulator would not tolerate an increase to the ambient noise outside homes located 1,500 feet from the projected location of the fans. Silentec performed day-night environmental noise measurements, developed noise abatement requirements, presented initial environmental report for approval by the regulators. Then designed, manufactured and built a soundproofed metal siding building, including silencers, louvers, acoustic shrouds, windows, doors and hatches. The noise from the fans, motors, burners, pumps and other equipment is contained by this quiet envelope. Completion in 2001.

Soundproofed heater house building, showing the air inlet louvers and silencer

Air inlet silencer baffles see from inside building